About ClearSemantics

ClearSemantics provides advanced training solutions in the areas of Java, Java EE, SOA, Web Services and Object Oriented Design areas. ClearSemantics is based out of Bangalore, India and provides services across India and abroad. Our dedication to Java, Java EE, XML/Web Services, and OO, SOA enables us to provide our clients with the just-in-time knowledge and skills transfer they need to deliver real-world projects. Our practical hands-on workshops and seminars provide software developers with the skills they require to accomplish today's greatest development challenges.

ClearSemantics has the unique strength, focus, and depth of talent needed to help our clients build the technology teams that are creating their future. We are living our vision of creating quality, cutting-edge services that will enable companies to meet the challenges they face. We look forward to the challenges and discoveries that the future will bring, and affirm our commitment to helping our clients realize their full potential.

About the founder – Pradeep LN

Pradeep has been working with Java and Java EE for more than a decade now. He has authored most of the courseware for the courses in the ClearSemantics catalog. He also has authored many online articles, tutorials and video tutorials for the benefit of the developer community. He is a well known instructor who has trained developers in scores of IT organizations.

ClearSemantics clearly believes that the best teacher is an experienced programmer. Going by that belief, Pradeep is also a seasoned developer. In addition to being a seasoned developer himself, he has also played diverse roles in his career including :

  • Has acted as a mentor for teams implementing EJB based financial applications
  • Has also acted as a technology expert/consultant for a technology migration project involving a large Switzerland based financial giant.
  • To add to the diversity of his experience, he has also helped a large retail banking product company, based out of Dublin, to screen, interview and recruit J2EE architects and tech leads.
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